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The smartest way to Track your vehicles!

 AIS 140 GPS Tracker

ARAI Approved & RTO Passing with Panic Button

Smart Signals Vehicle Tracking Solutions.

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Alerts & Reports

Our Story

Smart Signals Pvt. Ltd., incorporated in 2007, has focused on telematic software industry. Having served more than 12 countries Worldwide, we strive for continuous innovation. Our GPS Tracking Platform with its robust software platform provides complete solution for tracking your vehicle live on the roads based on GPS technology . We are the true leaders in providing the customized solution with an intelligent platform that keeps fleet secure 24x7. We strive to maintain utmost customer service levels for our Fleet tracking software customers.

Our Vision

Smart Signals vision is to become the leading Fleet management solutions provider in India through a combination of evolving hardware & software technologies, affordability for the end-user, easy to use applications & high level of customer service. The accuracy of data and the reliability of the system shows the trust of people who are using our solution. We strive to provide the opportunity for every commercial or corporate fleet user Worldwide to maximize their use of fleets, keep their assets secure & make their workforce more productive.


With entire solution on cloud servers, you get real time data on web tracking platform as well as mobile apps. Our solutions are based on the innovative telematics with data analytics and is available on various platforms such as Web. Android & iPhone. Built on robust technology, Smart Signals GPS Tracking Solution provides a complete solution to track your fleets and ensure the safety at the same time.  All products offered by Smart Signals go through extensive pre-development research and testing. We provide solutions to consumers and companies of all sizes across the globe.


Smart STX

Key Features:

  • Embedded GPS and GPRS Antenna.

  • IP 65 Compliant Rugged ABS Body.

  • Quad band Class 12 GPRS Modem.

  • GNSS- GPS with AGPS support.

  • 2 Digital Inputs, 2 Digital Outputs.

  • Ignition Input.

  • Panic Button Interface.

  • 15000 logs offline storage.

  • GPS based distance measurement.

  • Packet data over SMS on event or query.

  • Battery Back-up up to 6 Hrs.**

  • Instant Alerts & Notifications.

Smart AIS 140 ARAI Approved

RTO Passing

Key Features:

  • ARAI Approved Panic Button.

  • Embedded GPS and GPRS Antenna.

  • Quad band Class 12 GPRS Modem.

  • Motion Sensing

  • 4 Digital Inputs, 2 Digital Outputs, 2 Analog.

  • Battery Backup

  • ABS Body with IP66 rating

AIS 140 GPS Tracking Device Smart Signals

Smart ET

Key Features:

  • Embedded GPS and GPRS Antenna.

  • Quad band Class 12 GPRS Modem.

  • Motion Sensing

  • 1 Digital Inputs, 1 Digital Outputs.

  • Ignition Input.

  • 1500 logs offline storage.

  • Packet data over SMS on event or query.

  • Battery Back-up up to 1 Hr.**

  • Small & Precise


How to Save Money & Maximize ROI with GPS Tracking

Extend Vehicle Life cycle.

With Smart Signals GPS Tracking Platform.

​Automating maintenance, reducing wear and tear, and improving safety can extend your vehicle and asset life cycles.

​Improve Invoicing Accuracy

by using exact kilometers.

​A GPS tracking solution can help you save valuable time and money while taking the guesswork of kilometers out of your office bookkeeping. 

Reports Improve Efficiency

available on the platform 24x7.

The GPS fleet tracking systems of today provide a host of reports, alerts, and features that improve efficiency and make your job easier.

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​The “Myth” that GPS Fleet Tracking

is an Expense for Your Business.

Better Maintenance by reducing vehicle tear & wear. Better Fuel Efficiency by reduced mileage & idle time. Cost of driver time.

Reduce Labour Cost

by using Maintenance.

​Get to know when your Vehicle Servicing, Tyre change, Engine Oil change are due. Also maintain your Driver's licence and Insurance expiry online.

Finally better Return on Investments

by using Smart Signals Tracking Platform.

​So you now save money on fuel consumption, reduce overtime costs, lower risk, and even cut down roadside assistance costs just by tracking.

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It's Showtime!

Smart Signals GPS

Vehicle Tracking System

Features in a clip!

Smart Signals introduced GPS Based Vehicle Tracking System in 2007 in India. Since then we have been focusing on rich features using continuous innovation. With this video, you come to understand the many benefits of having a GPS Tracker installed in your vehicle.

Smart Signals GPS

Taxi Dispatch System

Features in a clip!

In mid 2013, Smart Signals introduced GPS Based Taxi Dispatch System which was introduced in Quito, Ecuador for the first time. Now it is deployed in US, India, Qatar, Zambia,  and more to come. Our Taxi Dispatch System uses Android and iOS system to book and dispatch taxis in real time.

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